Packaged Food Snacks

TSUMo Reimagines Your Favorite Snacks With A Cannabis Kick

TSUMo, a team of self-proclaimed ‘savvy-snackers’ and ‘cannabis scholars’, have made it their mission to create snacks that send you on a nostalgic high. To achieve this, they’ve taken some of our favorite childhood snacks and infused them with cannabis. 

Now you can indulge in an elevated snacking experience the next time you get a craving. TSUMo’s latest round of cannabis-infused treats like Fiery Hot Cheese Crunchers, Salsa Verde Mini Tortilla Rounds, and Zesty Ranch Mini Tortilla Rounds are a great addition. 

Fiery Hot Cheese Crunchers are like crunchy Hot Cheetos, while the Zesty Ranch and Salsa Verda Mini Tortilla Rounds will give chips and dip and whole new meaning. Sure to keep your yule lit for the next 12 days of Christmas, each bag packs 10mg of THC. You can grab some today by visiting their website.