Try This Cavity-Defying Duo — Cotton Candy Fudge

With the passing of Thanksgiving, the season of eating is now in full swing more than ever. The holidays are the perfect excuse for indulging in all of your food-filled fantasies, and this Cotton Candy Fudge is no exception.  So what says indulgence more than fudge? Not much, unless you add the sickeningly sweet childhood favorite flavor of cotton candy, of course! This frosting and white chocolate based concoction will be sure to make your tastebuds dance, and your dentist cringe, but who cares? Christmas comes but once a year!

Via The Cereal Baker


By Danielle Mooradian

Danielle Mooradian is a recent East Coast transplant who has eaten her way across the country. The best gift she has ever received was a panini maker, and loves anything that resembles a cheeseburger. Her goal in life is to become a judge on Iron Chef.

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