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These 4 Potential White House Chefs Might Be Making These Indulgent Dishes for President Trump

This past week, a lot of the discussion surrounding president-elect Donald Trump has focused on who he would be selecting to different positions in his cabinet and throughout the White House.

Of course, one of the positions that has to be filled is that of the White House chef. While no official list has turned up, The Washingtonian compiled a list of potential candidates for the position. This lineup includes current White House Chef Cristeta Comerford, BLT Prime’s David Burke (located in the Trump Hotel International in DC), former Trump personal chef Joe Isidori, and Trump Tower’s Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

President-elect Trump hasn’t been shy about his diet preferences, which include fast food, overcooked steak, and milkshakes. Considering all of these, we took a look at some similar dishes that these potential White House chef candidates have created – and could possibly be served in the White House soon.


Cristeta Comerford’s Sweet Potato Pie


Photo: i1OS

Current White House Executive Chef Cristeta Comerford has been cooking for Presidents for the last decade, and her sweet potato pie is a constant favorite. This classic American dessert is tweaked with a honey meringue topping and both star anise and creme fraiche in the filling. Sweet potato pie is a comforting, rich dessert that fits in perfectly with Donald Trump’s indulgent food preferences.


Joe Isidori’s Pizza Burger


Photo: am New York

Since his days as Trump’s personal chef, Joe Isidori has opened his own place – Black Tap – in New York City. Known for straight-up indulgent comfort food and craft beer, this burger is definitely one of the most indulgent to be served there. Topped with mozzarella, Parmigiano Reggiano, and tomato sauce, this is the perfect mashup of both pizza and burger. Considering the Donald’s love for fast food (and his claim that he actually eats the toppings straight off of pizza and leaves the crust) – this could be the perfect sandwich for him to munch on before a press conference.

Chef Isidori is also known for creating ridiculous shakes, and as White House Chef, we could see Donald Trump (who is a huge fan of milkshakes) slurping down some of his massive creations, perhaps alongside this burger.


David Burke’s Salt-Aged Porterhouse


Photo: The Washingtonian 

BLT Prime is just a couple of months old, but the steak lineup they have their is extraordinary. David Burke has brought a whole host of dry-aged, salt-aged, and wet-aged steaks to the restaurant, topping them all with rendered beef fat for extra flavor. The porterhouse is one of the most impressive cuts on the menu – aged for 45 days and weighing in at over 2 pounds – plenty for 2 people. This is something that has the flavor line-up and appeal to be present at a White House State Dinner, and is definitely something President-elect Trump would enjoy – though it would be well-done steak, not medium rare like in the photo above.


Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s 28-Day Aged Ribeye


Photo: Nougatine

Chef Vongerichten has been involved with the Trumps for a long time, even catering Donald and Melania’s wedding back in 2005.  He would bring three Michelin-star levels of indulgence to the White House, which could include this impressive ribeye steak from Nougatine, one of Chef Vongerichten’s restaurants in Trump Tower. Served with crispy potatoes and herbs, this is one of the ultimate “meat-and-potato” dishes out there that Trump would definitely enjoy.


All of the four White House Chef candidates would create over-the-top indulgence and deliciousness on a regular basis for the President-elect. It would definitely be a welcome luxury after all of the fast food he prefers to consume on the road. Regardless of who President Trump picks to be his next White House chef, we’re confident that his dietary habits won’t change in the White House.

By Constantine Spyrou

Constantine's life revolves around eating, studying, and talking about food. He's obsessed with eggs, gyros, and the future of food.

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