Trump Eating Fried Chicken With A Fork And Knife Is Borderline Un-American

Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump has shown that he has pretty unhealthy eating habits, which I guess is pretty American, but his most recent eating endeavor is almost un-American.

Tuesday, Trump graced us with an image of himself eating Kentucky Fried Chicken, which is fine, but there is something very wrong with this photo.

The man was not simply eating fried chicken, he was eating chicken with lotsa’ class, and fancy schmancy silverware.

I don’t know what’s more offensive, that Trump is eating his chicken using a fork and knife, or the fact that he is eating KFC over Popeye’s?

In any event, if one thing Trump is good for, it’s giving us a good laugh. The question now should be if America can trust a man who eats fast food fried chicken with a fork and knife, and added salt, which is quite frankly pretty un-American.

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