TREND REPORT: Kimchi is Actually More Popular on Social Media Than Cronuts + Sriracha Combined


Food trends are a fickle beast, as highlighted by our own Charisma Madarang in her trends piece last week citing that Grilled Cheese was actually more talked about on social media and blogs than Cronuts, Poutine & Juicing, combined.

The correlation proved so interesting that I was curious to go a few levels further. The surface level buzz around blogs, Twitter and Facebook seems indicate that  Sriracha and Cronuts are trending above all else, but with data at our fingertips, it’s evident this is no longer the case.

Utilizing Microsoft’s new social listening tool and gleaning data on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, we were quickly able to aggregate and analyze both share of voice and sentiment towards a select group of food terms that interested us. We picked: Juicing, Ramen, Kale, French Press, Cronut, Poutine, Grilled Cheese, Sriracha and Kimchi.

Here are the high level conclusions we were able to glean from the data we got back:


More people are talking about ‘Kimchi’ than the cumulative total of people talking about ‘Cronuts’ and ‘Sriracha’


People currently love Ramen and continue talking about it positively. Of our sample set, it was hands down the most talked about item:



While Grilled Cheese was the third-most discussed item, people talked about it more negatively than any other item on our list:



Juicing had the highest sentiment of anything on the list. People love juicing, they love talking about it, and they talk about it positively:


70% of Ramen mentions came from a website or blog, the heaviest non-social media presence of any term we searched



People still love Kale. It was the second most talked about item on the list, and had the second highest sentiment behind juicing:



Health items like Juicing + Kale are the most positively talked about items on the list:



Here’s the complete infographic from our Microsoft Social Listening report:

food-story-full home_screen_overview_food-story

By Elie Ayrouth

Elie is a product of Orange County, CA. In early 2012, his dentist diagnosed him with 8 different cavities, three of which on the same tooth, as a result of his 23-year Sour Patch Kid addiction.

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