This is What a Watermelon Stroller Looks Like


Summer’s just around the corner, and you know what that means — prime time watermelon season! Whether it comes as a cakejello shot or is the real deal, we love us some deliciously messy fruit. But really, who wants to lug around a whole watermelon? They’re the size of a small toddler and, ugh, warm watermelon is the pits. Hence, the Tama-chan: a stroller/fridge for your watermelon.

This orb-shaped fridge on wheels not only keeps watermelons cool, but it also chills anything around the same size. Tama-chan even has heating capabilities if need be, for like, orb-shaped chicken and stuff.


This quirky food case clocks in around ¥ 19,950 ($200 US), but we can’t really put a price on convenience, now can we?

Tama-chan $200 @joybond

H/T + PicThx RocketNews24

By Cameron Simcik

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Yes because I want to pack this in my car, go to the grocery store, unpack it, struggle to handle it with my cart, put the watermelon in, take it out to check out, put it back in, then take the watermelon out put it in my car, pack the stroller back up and unload all the crap when I get home.

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