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Tracy Morgan’s Obsession With School Lunch Can Get A Little Raunchy

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School lunches weren’t always the tastiest options growing up. Highly processed meats with unpleasant-looking lumps of starch or vegetables left them with a lot to be desired. They weren’t something that I enjoyed or wanted to eat more of after getting out of high school.

Actor Tracy Morgan, however, must’ve grown up in a school with great lunches. In an interview with Bon Appetit to promote his now-released movie “Fist Fight,” the actor revealed his true love for school lunch food.

Morgan did admit that there were days that he didn’t enjoy them as much, such as when the school served noodles without cheese. However, he was all about the fish patties, burgers, chocolate milk, and tater tots that we would usually associate with school lunches.

In fact, he’s never actually stopped eating school lunches on a weekly basis, and his love of school lunches appears to have gone to the next level since his school days.

“Listen, I’m a married man. I’m 48 years old. And there’s a day every week where my wife fixes school lunch for dinner. That consists of tater tots, fish fillet with cheese, chocolate milks. When we have school lunch days, me and my wife, we role play. […] She puts on the school lunch lady outfit, the hairnet and everything, and then we role play. I’m the student. I love school lunch so much. Monday, every week, my wife fixes school lunch for dinner. “

Alright then, Tracy Morgan. If you’re obsessed enough with school lunches that your wife will cook them for you once a week and have some fun in the process, then go for it. No judging here.

Apparently, the two of them have been going through this weekly routine for about ten years now, so it’s clear that Tracy Morgan has a deep love for school lunches. Probably near the level that he loves his wife, based on the interview.

It’s a great trade-off for the couple: he gets the food he loves, she gets some love from him.

Hey, food is one of the things that brings people closer together. In this case, it literally does.

By Constantine Spyrou

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