Top 6 Instagram Food Photos This Week [07/11/12]

Back on our usual routine, this week’s Top 6 Instagram Food Photos feature the best pictures from the last two weeks with the #FOODBEAST tag. For our readers, be sure to tag all of your delicious food photos with #FOODBEAST, you never know if you’ll be featured next week!


1. Banana Fudge Walnut Ice Cream and Snickerdoodle Cookie Sandwich

Hell Yeah finally tried this place #cream thanks lover — @dayapper


2. Pizza. Delicious, delicious pizza.

Jesus #foodpornlovingchrist! — @pdpab


3. Chocolate Covered Custard Donut, Kiwi Strawberry Tart & Green Tea Custard Bun

AT PARIS BAGUETTE WITH @miss_natalierose ROUND 2 — @philgorgeous


4. Chocolate Cake Royale with Salted Caramel Frosting

Making Monday a whole lot less sucky — @erik98122


5. Foie Gras Loco Moco

#foiegras #locomoco! Best dish! #dinner #dining #food #foodporn #worththewait #getitmymouf #drool #foodgasm #Iknowyourejelly #ohyeahhhh — @marianthefoodie


6. Red, White, and Blue Rose Cake

Gave the rose cake a try! @iambaker I give you credit for teaching me how, thanks! — @sab30

By Patrick Khensovan

Patrick Khensovan is a full-time Computer Science student at CSULB and extreme coffee addict. His favorite food groups include fried chicken, burgers, pizza, and ice cream.

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