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Tokyo Cafe: Trip One

There is a secret hidden spot in the Orange circle; a secret hidden sushi spot that noone knows about that sells amazing sushi for super cheap prices. No one can find it. Ok, it’s not a secret at all, actually it’s probably one of the most popular places in the circle. Tokyo Cafe is a godsend. I could rave on and on about how amazing this place is, but instead I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Check out Elie and my business meeting:

Decisions, decisions, decisions….

We started off with a spicy tuna roll and a albacore tuna roll.

Quite creepy Elie, quite.

Followed by one of my personal favorites; the Philly roll.

And lastly a Santa Monica roll and a Baked Lobster roll. My mouth is watering.

Elie; all business no play. Seriously dude let’s get back to the baked lobster.

The layout.

Partial Devestation.

So artsy.

Total destruction.

Check out Tokyo Cafe for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

Tokyo Cafe
161 N Glassell St
Orange, CA 92866

By Taylor Corner

Taylor is a wanderer from the streetwear and skate industries. He maintains a wealth of knowledge and experience eating out in Southern California.

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