Ex-NFL Star Almost Comes To Blows With A Man Outside Starbucks [WATCH]


Former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens found himself in a bit of a violent dispute Wednesday night while trying to get some coffee in Brentwood, California.

A man, who was identified as Arman, said that Owens kicked him while inside the California Starbucks, and said he even had in on camera.

TMZ obtained footage of certain parts of the altercation, but none of Owens kicking the man, at least not yet.

The video they did get was of Arman and Owens arguing inside the Starbucks, where the man claims Owens kicked him.

Owens then walks out of the Starbucks and things get even more heated.

The argument escalates as you hear Owens say Arman harassed him all the way to his car, even throwing a cup at his car. Arman then counters, saying that Owens threw coffee at his face. There’s no footage of either of those things happening, as TMZ is surely waiting for the perfect time to release them, but we can at least see them arguing about it.

Arman gets more aggressive, calling Owens a “Spear-chucking, monkey-ass Looking motherf****r,” and even yells that he’ll murder Owens.

The incident is still under investigation. Watch the rest of the available footage below:

By Isai Rocha

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