[Adventure] TLT Food Satisfies Our Inner Pork Belly Snob


Daniel Shemtomb has accomplished much in the last few years. The winner of Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race has kept busy maintaining the quality of The Lime Truck. Now the successful young chef has his hands full being a restaurateur as well.

Foodbeast vet Brian and I were lucky enough to be invited to dine-in at TLT Food in Westwood, Los Angeles recently, and we couldn’t have been happier. We’ve always been fans of The Lime Truck and it was great not having to chase it down for dear life for once. So, sit back and enjoy some glorious food porn from TLT Food.


Brussels Sprouts


I wasn’t a fan of brussels sprouts until a few years ago, but this item solidified my love for them. It was the perfect thing to start off the adventure with. The sprouts were perfect and each bite was more savory than the last. Cooked with a medley of prosciutto, garlic, chipotle honey aioli, Cotija cheese and picked red onion, you’d have no idea these were good for you.


Pork Belly Nachos


I was excited to try this more than anything else on the menu and TLT delivered. I’m pretty snobby when it comes to pork belly and they nailed it. Chunks of savory pork belly on top of gooey cheese nachos. What more could I ask for? Nothing, that’s what.


Grilled Cheese


Brian had more of this than I did. The concept was ingenious and after a couple bites I definitely wanted more. Unfortunately, I already killed the pork belly nachos and quesadilla and couldn’t afford any more cheese in my body. Brian loved it though. He threw around the word “orgasmic” a few times.



Pork Belly Taco


An awesome in-between meal snack while I snapped photos. As I mentioned earlier, the pork belly is on point and the taco is something I definitely need to try more of next time.


Beef Short-Rib Quesadilla


The beef was super moist and pretty much just melted in your mouth. Every bite was epic. I pretty much killed this whole thing within minutes. Their signature Tomatillo salsa was a great contrast to the richness of the quesadilla and added a cool refresher to each bite.




Skipped breakfast and lunch for this meal and it was ever so worth it after trying the PBAT. Made with parmesan-crusted bread, cured pork belly, arugula, tomato, red onion and aioli, this sandwich was a masterpiece that couldn’t be told in one sitting.




The desserts really hit the spot. Between the Lime Panna Cotta and the Triple Chocolate Cake, we were in dessert heaven. Unfortunately my limited lactose intolerance only allowed for a few small bites for the Panna Cotta, as I maxed out my cheese budget for the evening with the nachos and quesadillas. Cake was bomb though.

TLT Food has now also opened a new location in Downtown Los Angeles this past week. Unique to the restaurant, TLT will be offering their first brunch menu.

I smell another adventure.

TLT Food

1116 Westwood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 443-4433

By Peter Pham

Pete's favorite foods include pizza, tacos and pretty much any kind of breakfast. He'll usually snap a photo or two while his food cools down.

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