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Trader Joe’s Creates $13 Holiday Turkey Bake That Wins Friendsgiving

If you’re looking to do Friendsgiving on the cheap this year, Trader Joe’s has got you covered. They just an unveiled a holiday turkey bake called “Turkey & Stuffing En Croute” that can feed a squad of four for just $13.

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The entire meal, which weighs in at 40 ounces, consists of a turkey tenderloin and stuffing encased in puffed pastry. The holiday turkey bake just needs to be thawed and baked, and comes with sides of turkey gravy and cranberry sauce, essentially completing the entire Thanksgiving spread in a single box. The only thing missing is mashed potatoes and pie, both of which can be acquired on the cheap just about anywhere.

Considering that you’re probably paying at least $13 for just the turkey alone for a typical holiday meal, this frozen Thanksgiving amalgamation comes through in the clutch for those looking to pinch pennies but get the whole traditional Turkey Day experience. Since the Turkey & Stuffing En Croute feeds 4 people, the total cost per person of this meal checks in at about $3, making it extremely affordable.

Trader Joe’s will have the bake available throughout the entire holiday season, so if you’re not sick of the turkey and trimmings after Thanksgiving, you can still pick it up afterward if you’re down to save bucks on a family meal.

By Constantine Spyrou

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