TIL Popsicles Were Accidentally Invented By an 11 Year Old in 1905


Remember when you were eleven years old and you accidentally invented the ultimate summer snack food? No? Then you’re probably not as cool as Frank Epperson, an eleven-year-old kid from San Francisco who made popsicles happen by sheer good luck in 1905. Epperson was making soda by stirring powdered flavoring and water together in a bucket (because apparently bucket beverages were the 1905 version of Dr Pepper) when he decided that there was too much effort involved, left the mixture outside on the porch and forgot about it. In the morning, the sugary mixture was frozen solid around his mixing stick — and the world’s first popsicle was born. Epperson patented the frozen dessert in 1923 and the rest was history.

We have a really hard time imagining a world without popsicles, because without popsicles there would be no popsicle stick furniturepopsicle stick art, or popsicle stick weapons — not to mention the popsicle stick jokes that taught us all what a really bad pun looks like.

So thanks, Epperson, for making a truly delicious mistake. Our childhood selves salute you.

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