This $199 Smart Cup Knows What You’re Drinking

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Have you ever poured yourself a beverage and thought to yourself, “I wonder just how much sugar and other crap I’m drinking”? Well, you could take five seconds and read the nutrition label but ain’t no body got time fo’ that, enter Vessyl.

Created by a biomedical student this 13-ounce smart cup recognizes nearly any drink you put into it and can sync to your smartphone to give you a report on the nutritional breakdown (sugar, fat, calories, protein, and caffeine) of anything you put in the cup and even tracks your drinking habits. Yes, it even knows when you’ve given your coffee the Irish treatment. In fact, it can recognize the how weak your coffee is. The Vessyl can even tell the difference between Cool Blue and Glacier Freeze Gatorade, sorcery!

With an extensive database of drinks to choose from it’s impressive that the smart cup can recognize your drink in about ten seconds. On the cup itself you’ll see a general category such as “juice”, “coffee”, or “beer” but open your app and you’ll see the specific drink as recognized by Vessyl, such as Heineken or Mango Madness Snapple.

Aside from just telling you what drink Vessyl lets you set goals to track your daily water intake, watch your calories, sugar intake, etc. Pre-orders are only $99 right now but that’s a lot better than the $199 price tag Vessyl will retail for in Spring 2015.

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By Ashley Khawsy

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