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This Pikachu Cake Is Way Too Disturbing To Eat

With Pokemon back on top, the world will once again be dressed from head to toe in anything and everything related to Pokemon. We’re well on our way to that already. God knows how many slutty Pikachus we’re going to see at Halloween this year.

The trend has even spilled over into food, prompting all sorts of restaurants, bakeries, confectionaries and even some bars to join in on the revived cash cow. Still, there should be some limits to how Pokemon are used.

One Redditor known as TheOneInTheHat posted a photo of a cake made to look like Pikachu, only the pokemon-shaped cake was laid down on its stomach like a pig at a luau then barbarically cut into slices.

While the cake itself isn’t red or anything gory like that, the part with Pikachu’s face is uncomfortably disturbing, solely because imagining Pikachu smiling while getting chopped into pieces is the stuff nightmares are made out of. What do you think? Does this picture also make you uncomfortable?

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 12.09.40 PM



Photo Credit: Reddit, YouTube

By Sean Fahmy

Sean's favorite foods are hot wings, cheeseburgers, seafood and gummy candy. He will likely die from both diabetes and obesity, or "diabesity." He's cool with that.

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