This Paper Growler is Beer Origami for Adults

beer-cartonThe Crafty Carton is adult origami at its finest and holds 32 ounces (2 pints) of beer. Craft beer is trending hard these days and this eco-friendly option is the ultimate one up. Anyone can drink craft beer out of a glass, but out of a carton? That’s some slick underground work.

So, why would a brewpub, bar or taproom carry these? Easy. They cost quite a bit less than glassware, they reduce the risk of broken glass cleanup, and they open up a whole new market of beer drinkers who want to take their taste “buds” home. The only downside to the Crafty Carton is the super short shelf life until your beer begins to taste flat. Drink it within two days tops, or run the risk of making a sour milk face when taking that first swig.

Exercise those paper-folding skills here.

H/T + PicThx TheDrinkNation

By Joey Nargizian

Joey is the 2017 Chopped champion. He also runs for President in 2020. But right now he is just eating, writing and playing soccer (not all at once). Pretty amazing trajectory if you ask him.

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