This Nifty Japanese Spinning Toy Delivers Scrambled Hard Boiled Eggs


As much as we *love* putting our breakfast in pantyhose and shaking it around a bunch, sometimes we wish there was an easier way to enjoy scrambled hard boiled eggs than re-appropriating our precious hosiery. Like putting them in a $25 children’s toy, for instance.

Google translates its name to “Pudding whole Turn Turn funny eggs,” but this is basically a machine that helps you make pre-scrambled hard boiled eggs by breaking yolks in their shells. Available September 25 in Japan, the cute, colorful product is targeted at kids 15 and up and features an adorable dizzy egg mascot, because who doesn’t love their breakfast with a side of cartoon murder.

Stateside, there has been a Kickstarter for a similar product called the “Golden Goose,” which, like the sock method, broke the inner yolk only after much yanking. This device is different. Though spinning is indeed involved, the only work required of the user is a pulling a slot machine like lever and watching your egg go nuts.  Then, after about 10 minutes of boiling, you’ve successfully laid yourself a golden egg. Jackpot.

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By Dominique Zamora

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