Meat The Salami That Can Supposedly Cure Your Hangover

For centuries, man has struggled to find the most sustainable cure to the looming nature of the next morning’s hangover, and time and time again, we fall short with a variety of weird and wonderful hangover cures. Well look no further! Until, of course, a new cure pops up in a week or two.

Serious Pig is a craft meat company (whatever that means) that has developed a stick of salami designed to help you limit or altogether dispose of your inevitable hangover. The salami stick, more officially known as Hangover Cured, was created by Serious Pig owners George Rice and Johnny Bradshaw, most likely after a night of hard drinking with the boys.

The Hangover Cured meat stick contains a variety of herbs and spices, with an emphasis on the chili and ginger ingredients, since ginger is known to help in dealing with nausea while the chili is used to boost endorphin production, or in layman’s terms, to “make you feel better.”

In order for the salami to work effectively and do its job, the user is supposed to nibble on it throughout the night (or day if you go that hard) in between drinks. Simply eating it the next morning won’t be as effective, as its main function is to use amino acids to create more neurotransmitters, which in turn helps the body transmit signals on a higher level of functionality.

Of course, the best way to keep away from a hangover is to simply slow down on the drinking. Lol, just kidding, it’s the holidays. Let’s get chocolate wasted!

Image Source: First We Feast, Borough Box, Asimo Iced Tea

By Sean Fahmy

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