This Gadget Charges your Electronic Devices While Boiling Water



Roughing it in the woods is tough when you’re addicted to your mobile device. The whole time you’re just counting down your battery, figuring out what apps to close, and writing out that last Instagram caption before your battery dies down. You think about it so much, you probably won’t even enjoy the experience.

Thankfully, for those technology junkies that can’t stay off social media, there’s now a way to keep your phone at a healthy battery level even in the great outdoors. BioLite has developed a device called the KettleCharge, which allows you to boil water and simultaneously recharge your electrical devices.


Energy is created by using the heat from the boiling water. The kettle is built with a heat-resistant, flexible USB extender that keeps people from shocking themselves by extending the port to a respectable distance. All you really need is a heat source, gas stove, hot plate, or even a home stove to activate the device.

For who those who absolutely need to stay connected, no matter how frivolous the excuse (looking at you Snapchat), the KettleCharge is available for $149.95.

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By Peter Pham

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