This is What Happens When You Accidentally Give Your Line Cooks Weed Cookies


There’s a difference between joking about getting high at work and actually doing it. Sure, the worst that can happen here is we cook up yet another recipe for a Nutella and Sriracha-coated, deep-fried, bacon-weave grilled cheese poutine. But when your “work” involves serving up upscale contemporary cuisine at a newly-opened restaurant in New York City, well, that’s a different story entirely.

Take it from Brian Leth, chef at the Vinegar Hill House and Hillside. In a recent New York Times Magazine article, a handful of New York chefs were asked to remember their worst kitchen disasters, which included, alongside exploding chickens and worm-infested oysters, also getting an entire kitchen staff blazed out of their gourds.


“One of the line cooks at a somewhat new restaurant used this incredibly powerful marijuana butter to make cookies,” Leth recalls in the article. “The whole staff was eating them, but only a third of them knew. Everyone found themselves radically out of their depth. I’d almost made it through service when someone walked in and ordered two côtes de boeuf. I had to get them down and butcher them. It took an hour to get the entrees to the table.”


We’re no strangers to a bit of on-the-clock debauchery, but I can imagine trying to butcher a cow while high is pretty daunting, so kudos to Brian for finishing the order at all.


Head chef: “F*ck guys I think my arm is bleeding.”
Sous chef: “Nah bro, that’s just the beef . . . Just kidding that’s totally your arm! DUDE HAHA HOLY SH*T!”
Head chef: “OMG IT IS HAHAHA.*faints*”
Sous chef: “HAHAHAHAHA.”



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By Dominique Zamora

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