This is What an Egg Being Poached Looks Like Underwater


Poaching an egg can be a tedious process. One wrong move and you’ve ruined a perfectly good chicken baby. It’s tough mastering the art, however, since after a few seconds the water can get pretty murky. Thanks to a GoPro, and a chef willing to throw one in boiling water, we now see a breathtaking side to the poaching process.

Davy Devaux, the guy that brought you pretty sushi art, used one of this century’s most valuable inventions to document the mysterious method behind poaching an egg. While it’s not jumping from space or even strapped to the roof of a car, it’s still pretty cool to see how it looks up close. It’s kind of hypnotizing if you think about it.

I wonder if it’s possible to deep-fry a GoPro?

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By Peter Pham

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Why do you guys here on Food Beast always have to refer to certain foods as dead animals? Chicken baby? Yeah, we get it, we eat things that were once living. But why is it always a constant reminder here? Can’t it just be AN EGG?

No offense, but the desperate tries at culinary humor are getting really boring.

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