This Is Supposed To Be Chili Cheese Fries. Served At Dolores Huerta Preparatory High School, CO


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By Ashley Khawsy

Ashley believes in breakfast for dinner, sushi burritos, and the fact that there's always room for dessert. She moonlights as a pastry chef baking up sweet treats for her business, Smashbakes.

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if that school isn’t given proper ingredients to make certain menu items, the cook must make do with what they have. i am speaking from experience. it’s not easy cooking for hundreds of kids when you don’t have the proper tools or ingredients. so before you post that nasty picture you might want to look more into the circumstances.

Its Green chili sauce. Melissa I agree, I would hope that a preparatory school would have funding for proper ingredients. I would wager to bet that it taste better then it looks.

I was expected to make teryiaki chicken with no teryiaki sauce or any ingredients to make a teryiaki sauce. The things I had to do as a school cook were just ridiculous. I’m glad I’m not in that profession anymore.

The problem with FoodBeast is that they care a lot about trying to be funny and building readership with repetitive, and at times stupid reports . A picture like this might be part of a more serious issue, and they post it without proper context. Way to go FoodBeast – keep reporting about bacon, posting videos about how to eat things “like a boss” and forgetting about more important food issues.

Also, they have committed malice in the past by reporting on a non-existent burger called the “Monkey Style” at In-N-Out. Every In-N-Out I’ve been too says it doesn’t exist on the menu, and FoodBeast who calls themselves “The Food News Source” never issued a correction.

Calling yourselves a news source is a bit like calling these chilli fries. Jokes.

I personally go to DHPH, and since we are an early college school a lot of our students attend class at Pueblo community College. These fries are from Pueblo Joes located at the college. they are the best!! I eat them at least once a week along with other DH students.

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