This Ice Cream Door Stopper Will Stop Your Door in its Tracks

It’s happened to all of us before — to children, to adults, to the klutzes, and once in a blue moon, to the perfectly poised. One unfortunate fumble and your newly purchased ice cream cone falls treacherously to the ground with one fell swoop and a resounding PLOP!

When you see it happening to some other bozo, it’s the ultimate schadenfreude. When it happens to yourself, it’s a minor tragedy.

Eternally remind yourself — and all your ice cream-lovin’ house guests — of this shared, universal blunder with the playful Scoops Ice Cream Door Stopper, available at Fred Flare. Proof that the solution to all of life’s woes — including spilt ice cream, is more ice cream.

Buy: $18 @ Fred Flare

By Sophie He

Sophie He is a twenty-something year-old Silly Billy who recently moved to the bizarro neighborhood of Los Angeles that is Koreatown. She lives walking distance from an excess of dive bars, AYCE BBQ joints, taco trucks, cafes, and restaurants up the wazoo. She drinks black coffee in the morning everyday and puts Sriracha on pretty much everything.

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