This Heineken Bottle Concept Brings You Beer in a Box

It’s been a good week for booze-twisted childhood memories. We’ve seen alcoholic capri sun packs and adult strawberry milk and to round it all out, now we have this kind of brilliant concept from French design group Petit Romain. After completely blowing Sacagawina out of the water, I am now pleased to present: the Heineken Cube.

Reminiscent of lunch line milk cartons, these economical little beauties are designed to cut down on the wasted space lost between the necks of beer bottles and maximize storage. Just imagine how many of these single-serve squares you could fit in the very same space you used to fill up with just one long necked behemoth. Plus, excluding the old Heineken bricks from the 1960s, beer in a box is novel now, and novelty is always cool.

[Via Food Republic]

So on a scale from now to five minutes ago, when should Heineken make this beer cube concept a reality?

By Dominique Zamora

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