This Guy Trolls His Passive-Aggressive Coworker by Holding His Sandwich Hostage

The story here is pretty simple. An employee is tired of an anonymous co-worker stealing his sandwich in the office fridge. He then posts this note, watch and let hilarity ensue.















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23 replies on “This Guy Trolls His Passive-Aggressive Coworker by Holding His Sandwich Hostage”

LOL, epic.

I personally wouldn’t WANT the sandwich back. I would have posted a note saying “Dear Sandwich Thief… no biggie, go ahead and keep the sandwich, I think the turkey was going bad anyway.”

People who do not believe this have never worked in a busy EMERG dept on a slow night where everyone appreciates a little hijinx going on. It’s our form of team bldg but I don’t expect you to get it unless you have worked areas of very high stress. You become like soldiers and brothers having each other’s backs. Being harassed lets you know you are part of it all.

So you know, sandwich thief, I like to masturbate on my food to claim ownership and to discourage thievery as well as being a heart healthy salt alternative. Enjoy!

D!ck got his a$$ handed to him. Stealing food from a community fridge is not funny. Search this guy when he leaves the building, probably has office supplies he’s stealing as well.

Just because he left a note doesn’t automatically make him passive-aggressive. He was pretty direct in the note, and he had no other way to communicate with the thief.

Come on guys. It’s not just that they fake these all the time, but couldn’t you at least post a clever fake in the blog if you had to regurgitate one for the audience – … A company that has an HR dept would post a note like this after discovering a repeated theft/harrassment case?

You’d be surprised. I’ve worked for some companies whose employees, including the so-called ‘professionals’, did some pretty ridiculous things.

I think some of you guys are missing the point. It doesn’t matter if its real or not its pretty funny. Some people watch magicians and know it is just an illusion but part of them still wonder if it could be real in any way. If an artist is talented enough to suck the audience into their world for a second good for them.

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