This Guy Started a Kickstarter for Dick-Shaped Bottle Openers

Dicky Doos

Any experienced drinker knows that a good bottle opener is an extension of himself. So what would a stainless steel bottle opener in the shape of an erect penis with their name engraved on it say about someone?

While chatting with some friends, Michael Wenz came up with the concept of the DickyDoo — a stainless steel novelty bottle opener that you can customize. Available in two styles of original and heart-shaped, the DickyDoo let’s you engrave a name on the shaft, making each one unique. While the original is pretty much just a dick, the Heart DickyDoo is designed to look like there’s a heart/pair of balls sticking out of your pocket.

Cutting Penises

Wenz has been testing the original prototypes for more than three years with much success, as the grips fit all bottle cap sizes. You can support the cause here.


Picthx The DickyDoo

By Peter Pham

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