Grandma Bummed Over iPhone Gift, Chocolate Makes It All Better [Watch]

When you think about getting your grandparents gifts, technology’s not too high on the list. Naturally, there are a lot of variables that go into how tech-savvy they are, but many remain hesitant to use mobile devices.

One grandma in particular is getting quite popular for preferring her landline over a new iPhone. Luckily for her, her offspring know her all too well.

She’s briefly tricked into thinking she’s received Apple’s latest phone for Christmas, despite it looking more like a 2003 Nokia. The reveal is pretty suggestive, but she’s pleasantly surprised that the phone is made out of chocolate.

But will it bend?

H/t Daily Dot

By J. Fergus

J. is an overbearing pizza snob who loves putting as much sugar as possible in cupcakes and coffee. They eagerly awaits diabetes.

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