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This Lavish Burger King Comes Equipped With A Fully Functioning Sauna

You might be surprised to learn that the word “sauna” is actually a Finnish word. To everyone else, it’s just the word used to describe an enclosed steam room. To the Finnish, it is much, much more than just  a steam room. It may sound a bit cliche, but honestly, it’s just their way of life.

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This way of life has become so ingrained into their society that they’ll build a sauna wherever there is room for one. One Burger King location in Helsinki did the unthinkable (to anyone that isn’t Finnish) and placed a fully functioning sauna in their restaurant. Now you can enjoy a whopper and bask in the pore-opening tranquility of a peaceful sauna all at the same time. Furthermore, the super sweet Burger King towels are also up for grabs to customers that use the sauna.

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According to their website, the sauna has enough space for 15 people to sit comfortably. They even go as far as saying that the sauna is “perfect for a group of friends for social gatherings or work, a venue for the birthday party, or even the organization of the show studio.” I’m not sure what kind of work ethic they have over in Finland, but I can assure you that I would pass the f*ck out in there if I was asked to pay attention to a quarterly earnings meeting while having my pores pried open but some hot, steamy goodness. I also feel like a birthday party held in a sauna is a bit haphazard, especially since I’m an adult and adult parties are lame without the guest of honor: booze. But combining heat and alcohol? Now that’s a little too bold for my well-circulated blood.

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Unsurprisingly, this Burger King has the prestigious and rabidly (not really) sought after honor of being the first ever fast food restaurant to feature a sauna. For around $90 an hour, you can soak in hot steam while chowing down on some Whoppers with your squad while you’re all naked. Sounds like a Thursday to me, count me in.



Source: First We Feast, Restel

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