This Cooler Comes with a Built-In Blender and a Bluetooth Stereo


There’s a million coolers in the world that pretty much do what they need to so your drinks stay cool. Then there’s the Coolest Cooler, which is probably one of, if not the most, lavish cooler designs in the history of mankind. That’s probably why it’s winning the internet right now.

Much like Batman’s utility belt, the cooler features many practical additions and even some excessive ones. Among these are: a battery-powered rechargeable blender, a removable waterproof bluetooth speaker, USB charger, LED lid light, a cutting board, plate and knife storage, a bottle opener and even extra wide wheels for convenient rolling.


The Coolest cooler started off as a Kickstarter campaign aiming to reach $50,000 to start production on the product. With 46 days (at time of publication) left until the campaign ends, the Coolest cooler has already reached $5.7 million.

Anyone interest in purchasing the cooler can do so on the Kickstarter page, with a minimum pledge of $200 ($185 and $15 shipping). The estimated retail price once it hits mass production is $299.

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By Peter Pham

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