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This Company wants to Pay you $100,000 to Eat Tacos

The above headline is not clickbait, we promise.

The McCormick brand recently announced a nationwide search for a new consulting position within the company, Director of Taco Relations. The position is designed for anyone ready to take their love for this iconic dish to the next level by working with fellow taco aficionados. The position comes with a $100,000 payment, in addition to an assortment of McCormick Taco Seasoning and other products.

Now through July 20, taco fans, who are over 21 years of age and based in the United States, can submit a creative video, showcasing their personality and passion for tacos at

As the Director of Taco Relations, the individual selected will work directly with the McCormick brand team to develop recipes utilizing McCormick’s Taco Seasoning mix, and connect with fellow taco connoisseurs to discuss the latest taco trends. They will also travel across the country to visit famous taco restaurants and chefs as well as visit McCormick’s global headquarters and kitchens to not only become familiar with the culinary and creative teams but also take part in a taco immersion course, and become familiar with the latest McCormick Street Taco seasoning mixes being developed by the company’s innovation lab. 

This position is open to all experience levels and while a previous taco-related job is not a prerequisite to apply, a deep appreciation for tacos is. Applicants are encouraged to get creative in their submission video and highlight why they deserve the role and should share their best taco tidbits, including but not limited to their go-to and unique taco recipes, taco-themed trivia and knowledge, and any additional experiences, qualifications and skill sets they want to provide. 

By Rashaun Hall

Rashaun is a digital/social media strategist by day, and a spirits and beer enthusiast by night. A native of the great state of New Jersey, he loves the NFL, his Jack Russell Terrier and a good cocktail obviously.