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This ‘Blogger’ Rips Into McDonald’s Employee For No Damn Reason


Shitty self-proclaimed blogger Brandy Wooten has officially gone viral by being a complete asshole to the manager at a California McDonald’s for no reason at all. Actually, I apologize, she did have a good reason. Apparently that “muthafuckin’ McDonald’s never has my muthafuckin’ fresh cookies.”

Brandy begins filming herself verbally accosting the manager of the McDonald’s while intermittently slinging claims of her validity as a blogger. Apparently she “called ahead” to have them prepare their baked cookies for her. What kind of psychopath calls ahead to a McDonald’s?

As you can see in the video, princess nutcase screams bloody murder over her cookies not being prepared PRECISELY upon her arrival. Then the manager calmly tells her to pull off to the side and wait a very doable two minutes for the cookies. That’s it, just two minutes. Of course, this attention whore doesn’t have time to wait around for two minutes, so instead she continues berating the manager. Guess how long the video is? TWO FUCKING MINUTES.

I checked out her YouTube page, and this woman does indeed have her own channel with a collection of really stupid videos. She talks directly to the camera in every video for upwards of eight or nine minutes, mostly of her complaining about shit the rest of us call “life.” Move the fuck on, Wooten. Nobody wants to hear your McBullshit for nine minutes.

Props to the manager for keeping her cool the whole time, but honestly, I don’t think anyone would have blamed her if she threw a Filet-O-Fish right into that hellion’s face.

Clearly this piece of shit is only doing this for the attention, evidenced by the manager asking her multiple times to pull over and her responding with, “I am”…then proceeding to argue with her and repeat the same things over and over again.

Here’s to hoping that the next batch of cookies she buys from McDonald’s has wasps baked into it. Fingers crossed!

Image Source: Daily Mail

By Sean Fahmy

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