This Beautiful Bride Spent Over $50,000 in Treatments to Conquer Her Eating Disorder — The Results Are Remarkable


A quick inspirational tale for your Monday: about a year ago, reddit user IanSomerhaldersBitch attempted to commit suicide after years of struggling with eating disorders like anorexia and obsession with exercise. According to the 5’2″ brunette’s reddit thread, the disorders stemmed from childhood trauma which in turn resulted in obsessive-compulsive disorder. “Putting myself through that pain made me feel better,” she writes, “I also thought I deserved the pain since I let bad things happen to me as a child.”


(“90 lbs at my sister’s wedding”)


(“95lbs working as a promo model. I have zero butt.”)

Following one particularly intense workout stint in which she would exercise at least four hours a day, ISB says she tried to kill herself before finally seeking treatment at the Linder Center of Hope in Ohio. During the weeks she was admitted, her treatment consisted of a strictly portioned diet of grains, proteins, vegetables, and fruits, along with therapy to break her thoughts of self-blame and criticism. She estimates bills for the treatment weigh in at over $50,000.


(“113lbs I have arms and legs!”)


(“113lbs shopping for my wedding dress. Got some nice curves!”)

Photos on imgur trace ISB’s transformation from 90 pounds at her sister’s wedding to 113 pounds trying on a wedding dress of her own. She says she’s still struggling and even suffered through another suicide attempt after realizing how much she owed for her medical bills, but is currently offering advice and resources for others struggling with eating disorders on her reddit thread.

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By Dominique Zamora

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