This Bakery Creates Gorgeous, Hilariously Offensive Cakes


When you’re scrambling to get a last-minute birthday cake for someone, you definitely want it to say the perfect thing. The letters inscribed in icing can make or break any relationship, be it coworker, loved one or significant other. Sarah Brockett doesn’t care about that.

The graphic designer is responsible for the Bold Bakery, a Michigan-based bakery known for selling beautifully offensive cakes. Brockett’s business is described as the perfect place to cater to anyone deserving of crude or offensive messages, while featuring gorgeous typography along with a, presumably, delicious cake.

Definitely something you wouldn’t want to buy for Grandma, but would make a funny birthday memory for a close friend or an asshole coworker.

Check out some of the hilarious sweets the Bold Bakery has to offer.



Bold-Bakery-Love Bold-Bakery-Shit-2 Bold-Bakery-Shit Bold-Bakery-TaintBold-Bakery-Whore

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By Peter Pham

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