This Appliance Brews Coffee and Toasts Bread at the Same Time


The early morning rush can get hectic. You’re running around the kitchen stumbling over appliances just to get your coffee and toast ready for the car ride. Because who actually gets out of bed the first time their alarm goes off? If only there was an appliance that could save you multiple trips through the kitchen.

A group of South Korean designers Won Kang, Hyo Kang and Min Kyu have built a machine, dubbed the Baking Pot, that not only brews coffee, but toasts bread simultaneously. Pretty convenient if you’re the type of person who needs those precious extra seconds getting to work. The base of the Baking Pot toasts a slice of bread, while the kettle starts brewing coffee. Really straightforward stuff.


For those worried about getting coffee drippings into their toast or crumbs into their coffee, the unit separates. More information about the Baking Pot can be found at Yanko Design.

Blankman aficionados will remember a similar breakfast machine designed by Damon Wayans’ character. Such a great piece of cinema.

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By Peter Pham

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