Weed Cheez-Its are Next-Level Snacking


Uh oh. It was only a matter of time before mary jane wed the ultimate munchie snack — Cheez-Its. Dubbed “Weez-Its,” the stoner-friendly edibles hail from 7Deadly, the same folks who brought you weed vodka.

The recipe calls for the neon orange squares to get slathered in cannabis oil and toasted in the oven for 30 minutes. Depending on an individual’s tolerance, 5 crackers will bring on a light buzz, with the high intensifying with each additional Weez-It.


We recommend storing these cannabis-infused Cheez-Its in a distinct container marked “CAUTION”. Better yet, make sure you have unadulterated box of Cheez-Its on deck when snacking on Weez-Its. We got you.


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By Charisma Madarang

Charisma has an undying love for gritty literature and drinks coffee like water. She also hails from Toronto, Canada and is a die-hard Maple Leafs fan, sigh.

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