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These Mirror Glaze Cakes Reflect On The Inner Sweet Tooth In All Of Us

Mirror, mirror glaze, on the wall… who’s the flyest cake of them all?

Probably this one. I mean it’s like the marble flooring of the cake world.

What is it that goes on internally within ourselves that makes these perfectly glazed desserts to get us all googley-eyed and say: “Oooooh, shiny!”

While it looks like a master-class technique of dessert decorating, the steps to producing your own Instagram model of cakes is not all that difficult. All it takes is a timely pour of liquid gelatin and some creativity (and I guess some dope lighting).

Two-Tier Turnaround

The only thing this glaze pour is missing is the slow motion capture and some 90’s love-making R&B music (Cue Ginuwine).

A Whale-Executed Cake

Whale, whale, whale! What have we here… everything you could ever want in this nautical themed glaze pour, plus whale more. Okay I’ll stop with the lame puns before this article capsizes.

Sapphire Specialty

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Remember what I said about sick lighting? The perfect lighting on this cake just accentuates the glossiness, making the dessert a real gem.

Moana Vibes

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The first thing I thought of after seeing this was the ending of Moana, where that giant Earth goddess comes through and makes everything green again. But this is better than the movie… cause this one’s edible.

Galactic Glaze

This is your brain on drugs. Or it’s just a cool cake.

Emoji of a Wave

I’m pretty sure this tastes as good as a John Mayer song sounds — or more appropriate than using the wave emoji in your next text message.

Lifesavers Creme-Savers or Cake?

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Google it. I miss those things. Lifesavers is fucking up by not bringing those back into existence. But it may be for the best since I’ve deduced that they were more than likely the cause of my many cavities back in the day.

Trap Tasty

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Whipped up in the kitchen probably by Future, this Lean-flavor… kidding. I’m pretty sure it’s blackberry.

By Raphael Madrid

Raphael is a lot better at eating than he is cooking. He also opts for the al pastor over the carne asada in his tacos and burritos. Mild in the streets, picante in the sheets. Vegeta > Vegetables.