These Hello Kitty Bagel Bites Have Pepperoni Bows


Before you rush to the grocery store scouring the frozen section for Hello Kitty Bagel Bites, let me disappoint you. These petite snacks are not available anywhere (at least not that I know of) to the public and are created by Flickr user LoveBones, who seems to have a particular fondness for food too adorable to eat.

For those who feel inclined, these Hello Kitty bites can be made with your standard pizza ingredients: Olives for the eyes and whiskers, mozzarella cheese for the nose and pepperoni for the bow. Although, they’ll probably come out looking more like this:


H/T Bradley Farless + PicThx LoveBones, The Happy Tummy Kitty

By Charisma Madarang

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