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These ‘Female-Friendly’ Noodles Belong in a Spa, Not Your Mouth


Japan’s Toyo Suisan has been busy developing a healthier, more nutritious version of the comfort food directed at being, “a cup of noodles for women that helps lift spirits.” Oh great, another “female-friendly” food-item to join the throngs of pink yogurt and energy drinks.

These Hanatua or “humming” instant noodles feature a colorful floral design with flavors such as Chamomile Salt Broth and Rosehip Tantanmen (Szechuan style) that sound more like they belong in a spa than in your mouth. Although, it seems that they will have some competition from Myojo Foods who will also be developing their own version of the girly noodles; lending itself to the question, “When will the hair pulling begin?”

H/T + PicThx Rocket News 24

By Brittany Miller

Brittany has lived in Philly and the surrounding area her entire life. She's a badass medical photographer, avid foodie and Zumba enthusiast. Her dream is to one day own her own bakery, becoming the Willy Wonka of pastries. Without the mental instability, of course.

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