These Extremely High Food Prices In Northern Canada Will Make You Cringe

Have you ever walked through a grocery store and was stoked to find a bag of Tostito’s for less than ten bucks? For most people, finding any bag of chips over $10 is insane, even if they are gourmet chips. But what if this is the norm? What if you really have no other options but to buy extremely overpriced groceries and food?

Unfortunately, due to the transportation costs to get food stocked in local markets in Nunavut, Canada, a northern area of Canada by the Arctic Sea, the citizens are left with very limited choices and outrageously high price tags. The region’s extreme cold conditions, limited sunlight and remoteness makes it difficult for them to buy, trade and grow foods locally.

A Facebook group was created to bring light on their situation. This is really a long shot, but if you’re from the area, or know of people in the area, the people of Nunavut are trying to get others to show support and stand together on June 21st between 1 and 3PM for National Aboriginal Day for a peaceful demonstration.

Check out some of the pictures below for the insane prices! Just as a note, 1 Canadian dollar is roughly equivalent to 98 US cents.

[Thx: Buzzfeed]

By Patrick Khensovan

Patrick Khensovan is a full-time Computer Science student at CSULB and extreme coffee addict. His favorite food groups include fried chicken, burgers, pizza, and ice cream.

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This is interesting.  It would help the story to provide some perspective by giving a couple other key indicators, like average income in their community, gas prices, … something.   

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