Restaurant Scales Burritos Next to Babies, Gives New Meaning to ‘Food Baby’

baby burrito Gorditos

Ever wondered how ginormous burritos really are? Easy — just measure them with this new baby scale created by Gorditos, a “healthy Mexican food” joint in Seattle. An entire wall in the store is devoted to pictures of various customers’ babies sized up against some hefty, ripping-at-the-tortilla-seams burritos.

So, next time your friend groans and rubs her “food baby” after a gut-busting meal, you might want to take her seriously.


Burrito supposedly means “little donkey” in Spanish, so we’re curious if any restaurants compare their fare to actual baby donkeys. One can only dream . . .

H/T Incredible Things + PicThx Gorditos Facebook page

By Rachael Stuart

Rachael is a journalism student who desperately wishes Indiana had a seafood-laden coast. When she's not contemplating the intersection of culture and cuisine, she's picking out recipes and typing furiously for her food blog, East by Midwest. Her main goal in life is to one day not be the last person eating.

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