Fast Food

Introducing A Chicken Sandwich That Comes In 50 Different Flavors

With National Fried Chicken Day right around the corner on July 6, it’s only appropriate that a chicken sandwich that comes in 50 different flavors finds itself on my radar. The Chicken Sandwich Wars rage on and Smokey Bones’ virtual brand, The Wing Experience, is looking to enter the fray by offering a sando that can be graced with the same 50 flavors that their wings come drenched in.

So picture a fried chicken sandwich that can be tossed in any of The Wing Experience’s 50 different flavors, from West Indies Curry to Hot Cinnamon Candy Apple to even Harissa Honey. All the delicious possibilities are already square dancing in my fried chicken-lovin’ mind. Round and round they go.

This saucy wonder is now available at all 62 locations across 16 states. For more information, visit

By Reach Guinto

Reach loves the Lakers, fried chicken, and a well-executed DDT. He came out the womb with a fried egg on top of his head.