15 Stunning Disneyland Foods and Drinks Worth Waiting in Line For


Disneyland: home of fantastical fireworks, rip-roaring rides, more souvenirs than you can shake a four-fingered glove at — and, it so happens, some of the best theme park food this side of Arendelle.

Bars and restaurants at the Disneyland Resort have figured out what guests crave, from sweet, buttery pineapple soft serves to boozy green screwdrivers made with five different kinds of rum. We’ve compiled some of our favorite must-eats and drinks to put on your Disney Bucket List. Yep, turns out that, in addition to bringing joy to the lives of suburbanites everywhere, the Mouse sure knows how to fry a mean beignet.


Peanut Butter & Jelly Soda


What: A light, pinkish grape soda infused with hints of peanut and topped with a fizzy foam. The secret here is in the subtlety, since neither the PB nor the J is too overpowering, but just present enough to remind you of after school snacks.

Where: Carnation Cafe, Main Street, Disneyland


The Uh-Oa!


What: The name Uh-Oa! can be one of two things: a sizable Tiki fishbowl filled with light and dark rums, various tropical juices, and a pinch of cinnamon; or what you’ll say when you order the damn thing. Find it in the Enchanted Tiki Room-like Trader Sam’s Bar at the Disneyland Hotel, along with plenty of chanting and a high chance of showers.

Where: Trader Sam’s Bar at The Disneyland Hotel


Wine and Cheese Box


What: Gorging indiscriminately on turkey legs and soda is so 1955 (we’re guessing). In any case, Disney’s classed it up a bit since Walt’s days, and you can too, by pairing your own wines and cheeses on the Mendocino Terrace. The box also comes with extra packets of breadsticks, score.

Where: Mendocino Terrace, Pacific Wharf, California Adventure


The Zombie


What: This one’s a doozy. Recipes vary by bartender, but expect three to five different kinds of rum including Bacardi 151 and just a “splash” of fruit juice. Just the thing to snap you out of zombie mode after a long day at the park, or send you right back into it.

Where: Cove Bar, Paradise Pier (behind Ariel’s Grotto Restaurant), California Adventure


Matterhorn Macaroon


What: This mini-mountain is basically a crunchy, coconut crag crowned by delicate snow “cream.” It’s sweet and simple, and best of all, totally Insta-worthy. #vacationcaloriesdontcount

Where: Jolly Holiday Bakery, Main Street, Disneyland


Dole Whip, Salted Caramel, Strawberry Cream-Flavored Churros


What: When regular cinnamon just won’t cut it, don’t fret. These sundry flavored churros found outside the park are edgier and more inspired than your average deep-fried sugar stick. Pro-tip: save a pineapple one for dipping into your Tiki Room Dole Whip for an unimaginably indulgent treat.

Where: California Churro Cart, Downtown Disney (near The Lego Store)


Dole Whip


What: Speaking of, Disneyland’s Dole Whip soft serve is quite possibly the closest thing you’ll get to tasting an orgasm in a cup (or whatever the PG version of that might be). Available as a plain soft serve or in a pineapple juice float, its lush, buttery, and tart flavors shine best when eaten slowly and deliberately, Ratatouille-style.

Where: The Enchanted Tiki Room, Adventureland, Disneyland


Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Sandwich


What: Perfectly sized and perfectly peanut buttery, the Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Sandwich is a bit more cookie than sandwich, but ideal for an in-park Reese’s fix.

Where: Pooh’s Corner, Critter Country, Disneyland




What: Consider these your next-level churros, deep fried dough breathed out into pillow form and dusted with a healthy amount of confectioner’s sugar. We prefer the Jazz Kitchen versions because they’re square and therefore slightly larger, but the Mickey-shaped ones really get you into the spirit. (You are, after all, in the happiest place on earth).

Where: Mint Julep Bar, New Orleans Square, Disneyland (also The Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney)


Lobster Roll


What: There are plenty of hidden gems on the back side of the park, but perhaps none as smack-yourself-upside-the-head surprising as the Lobster Roll at Harbour Galley, right by the exit of the Haunted Mansion. Inside a fluffy, butter-toasted roll goes a sparingly mayo’d lobster salad just tasty enough to make you forget it’s mostly filler. Will it be the best lobster roll you’ve ever had? No. But is it one of the best foods you’ll find inside the park? Abso-freaking-lutely.

Where: Harbour Galley, Critter Country, Disneyland


Carnitas Nachos


What: We suggest skipping the pool after trying these fellas. Tucked inside the Grand Californian, past the hotel entrance to California Adventure, is White Water Snacks, a cute place to grab a quick bite to eat . . . or knock yourself into a food coma for a few hours with any of their angus cheeseburgers or shredded beef nachos. Swap the carne asada for carnitas and you’re onto some serious black magic.

Where: White Water Snacks at The Grand Californian (by the pool)


Broasted Chicken


What: I’ll just out and say it: this chicken is crack. Deep fried, golden brown, salted-to-perfection crack. Forget the usual trumpets of turkey. The Plaza Inn serves up dinner just like mom used to when guests were over — fully dressed with green beans, mashed potatoes, and dinner rolls. Altogether it’s as filling and homey as theme park food can be.

Where: Plaza Inn, Main Street, Disneyland


Barbecue Chicken Stuffed Baked Potato


What: The chicken comes juiced up in a sweet orange glaze and spooned unfussily — along with chives, cole slaw, sour cream, and butter — into a steamy crevasse of baked starch. You’ll need every bit with every bite (the chicken can be too sweet otherwise), but there’s nothing better for fueling you up at snack time.

Where: Harbour Galley, Critter Country, Disneyland


Lobster Nachos


What: No trip to Cove Bar is complete without washing everything down with a heavy helping of Lobster Nachos. There’s nothing too crazy here: lobster pieces, cheese, black beans, gorgeously thick tortilla chips. The good news is there’s plenty to go around, so bring a friend or four.

Where: Cove Bar, Paradise Pier, California Adventure


The Monte Cristo


What: The ultimate indulgence, this sugar-powdered deep fried ham and cheese sandwich will set you back an not-insignificant $17 — (that’s a whole parking pass!) — but it’s well worth it, trust. Surprisingly ungreasy, the melty slabs of toast are sure to satisfy for an entire day. Sides of fruit and jam add a nice, fat-cutting, finishing touch.

Where: Cafe Orleans, New Orleans Square, Disneyland


Honorable mentions: Corn Dogs at Little Red Wagon and Corn Dog Castle, Red Velvet Push-Pops at Hearthstone Lounge, Cookie Bakes at Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue, Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus at Bengal Barbecue, Elote (chili-lime corn on the cob) on the Boardwalk, House Biscuits at Carthay Circle, Chorizo and Eggs Breakfast Scramble Cone at Cozy Cone

By Dominique Zamora

Dominique would be a foodie if she had money to pay for food. For now, she gets by just looking at food photography, which results in at least one more starving journalism student every time Instagram breaks down.

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I understand that this is a Disneyland piece, however, the best hidden gem from Disney is the “Konk Cooler” drink on their private island Castaway Cay. It is glorious.

This is awesome, but the next Disneyland/DCA food list should include alternative meals (i.e., gluten-free, lactose-free, etc.) for those that have those allergies and wish to eat delicious things at the resort as well. 🙂

No need to be catty, Casper. Jocey was making a suggestion, not an insult, and it is a reasonable request. And you are sadly mistaken in the realm of great tasting special diet foods. There is no reason you can’t eat well, even when your body rebels over certain ingredients, and Disneyland has several such options. Don’t be such a snob. It’s not productive.

They’re not “beignets” — they’re Mickey Mouse Zeppoles!

And broasted chicken is not deep fried — it’s broiled/roasted (hence the name).

Actually, the broasting process involves deep frying under pressure. It is a combination of marination, breading, pressure cooking and deep frying that gives broasted chicken (and other foods) its distinctive taste and texture. It is my favorite way to prepare chicken, and I am beyond thrilled that there is a place in Disneyland that serves it. I will be there in 9 days and I think I know what I want for dinner.

You won’t be disappointed. Easily the best deal in the entire park. It’s technically 4 pieces of chicken since the wing is still attached to the breast piece you receive. Also, if the green beans aren’t your thing, you can always ask for a double-helping of the mashed potatoes & gravy instead. Plus, the drinks there are refillable for free and when you’re ready to leave, you can ask for a large cup & get one more refill to go!!

I loved the Chicken last April, when I went. Only the meal was too much food, and much of it was left uneaten. One thing that I have learned since, is that Disney food services will gladly serve you food ala carte, even if it is not mentioned on the menu.

As a kid, I always looked forward to the clam chowder in a bread bowl in New Orleans Square. Why wasn’t that on the list? Not even an honorable mention.

I agree, they are a great find! They are inside Coke Corner at the end of Main Street. If you hit it right, and they are hot from the oven it’s melt in your mouth heaven!

Yesterday, thanks to your suggestion, we went to this spot and tried the jalapeno cheese filled pretzel. D’lish! Better than anything on her list of 15!

That zombie couldn’t be more incorrect and gross looking – turn right back around, go to Trader Sam’s, and get a legit one. Why is it that color and wtf are raspberries doing there?!

Where are the corn dogs???? This list will never, ever be complete until the best little corn dogs on the planet sold from the cute little red shed/cart are on it.

Agreed! I have actually dreamed about them before, haha! And I must have passed right over the honorable mention section. I approve of this list now. 🙂

Yeah, but what are you going to do on the second day?…believe me, nobody loves Disneyland more than me but eating there absolutely kills your budget..

Indeed! And it’s a bit of a moving target, since the menu is very seasonal. All the reason to go a few times!

Also worthy of note, the Napa Rose, at the Grand Californian Hotel (same exec. chef as Carthay). The pairing menu and sushi bar are sublime.

Id like to see an in depth article (or video) of how all of this food is made at Disney. Must be quite an operation unless everything comes out of a box/can!

ive had 4… the begnets, dole whip, broasted chicken and of course the amazing monte cristo… omg it’s so good… but what about the amazing corn dogs?… they are freaking great… and the monster ice cream cone at cali adnventure… and the ice cream sindae at the golden horseshoe

I have fallen in love with the Pork Shanks near the entrance to Matterhorn. They are voluminous and moist. If you like the Turkey Legs, then you will love these!

If you want Dole Whip and you’re in the OC area, you should go to Hula Girls in Huntington Beach. On Bolsa Chica at Heil! in the Albertsons center. they do an amazing job giving you the Disney Experience without the hour long line! (usually- hey, they get busy too)

And the Corn Dogs should have more than an honorable mention. they are Amaz-ballz!!!!

Pro Tip on the Monte Cristo: It is a great lunch for two and they really don’t mind bringing you a 2nd plate. In fact, one of the most common orders at Cafe Orleans is two people splitting an order of Pomme Frites and a Monte Cristo… washed down with a couple bottomless Pomagrante Lemonades. When you put all that together, it’s no more expensive than a meal for 2 anywhere else in the park.

PB&J SODA WAS DISCONTINUED A WEEK AGO!!! 🙁 Apparently the chocolate-covered peanut butter sandwiches sell out very quickly, but a woman working at Pooh Corner told me you can also find them at Candy Palace on Main Street.

Oh no!! We are headed there tomorrow and were going to get one of those sodas! Thanks for the tip on the sandwich. That’s on our list, too!! 🙂

My favorite park food is the vegetarian gumbo in the bread bowl just outside of Pirates. This little hot spot sells the gumbo, chowder, and maybe chili in the bread bowl, and not much else. The line is often pretty long… worth the short wait! 🙂

Went to Disneyland yesterday, with the intention of trying several items on this list that I had never had previously. Two of us shared the lobster roll (NO, Not very good AT ALL), the stuffed baked potato (it was OK, but NOT deserving of an exclusive list), the salted caramel churro (I love salted caramel things, but this was salted salt), and the peanut butter cookie (pretty decent). Thanks to a reviewer, I tried the jalapeno cheese stuffed pretzel – which was KILLER. And by dinner time, after so-so (or flat out BLEH) recommendations, we ditched our lobster nacho dinner plan and went back to our trusty vegetarian gumbo in New Orleans Square. [Had previously had the cheese box with wine, pineapple whip, and the beignets.] The PB&J soda is no longer on the menu. 🙁 Personally, I would recommend lunch or dinner at Carnation Café (chicken fried chicken with the fried pickles as a starter) and if you’re there in the fall, go for the pumpkin and butternut squash fritters (New Orleans Square) in the fall.

I really like the Pina CoLava at the Mendocino Terrace (I think)? It’s the place ABOVE the beer garden across from the entrance to Car’s Land. The upstairs terrace is only open during certain times Also try the Hangar 24 Orange Wheat from the beer taps below.

The plain cinnamon churros are the MOST DELICIOUS churros EVER!!!! Plain Jane over here hasn’t tried anything on the list of 15, plus the honorable mentions, well, maybe the pretzles. But, budget and my hubby’s lack of “food adventure” gives you an idea as to why! We are such churro addicts! For $1.00, you can get a HUGE, and I mean huge churro from Costco, and we frequented this one place called Xooro which had filled and dipped churros, but none compared to the plain ole churros from Disneyland! We paid $3.00 bucks for a small churro, and I swear, our entire food budget went on those!!! We looked like two crack heads feening for more crack….I’m surprised we didn’t pan handle for more!!! UGH, disgustingly AWESOME!!!

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