The Srirachelada Is Your New Summertime Beer


We’re all-too-familiar with the red rooster bottle known as Sriracha. But what if it had a drunken night, and fell into a michelada? One brewery wants you to explore the merger of these tastes.

Srirachelada is a spicy take on the michelada: beer doctored up with spices, peppers, sauces and lime. Made a little differently depending on where you order one, it reminds us of a Bloody Mary— only much, much better. Some consider micheladas a hangover cure. We’re calling it a hot way to cool down.


Launching this week from Los Angeles-based Angel City Brewery, their amped up version injects our favorite condiment into a beer vat alongside pickled banana peppers, lime juice, agave, Clamato and Worcestershire sauce. Their tag line of “Serve over ice; Brewed to share” is nice and all, but a chilled bottle straight up sounds way better.

Both an Original and Spicy version are offered in 22-ounce servings, but we both know you’re gonna head the fiery route. If you’re feeling like weak sauce, go dilute it over ice. We’ll already be clinking our second bottle.

By Anne Marie Panoringan

Anne Marie judges people based on their handshake, and isn’t afraid to use “hella” in a conversation. She has a thirst for unsweetened iced tea, Spam musubi and cheese.

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