The Oyster Job: 90 Pounds of Oysters Stolen

Paul Appleby, a distributor from SeaFresh Oysters, was making his rounds delivering oysters when he came back to his truck and noticed that two boxes of oysters were taken from the the back of his truck. The thieves made off with an estimated 90 pounds of oysters, roughly about 1,000 mollusks. Appleby believes the estimated loss will be around $500 for him as a distributor, but up to $1,500 for customers hungry for oysters.

So what do you think the story is behind these missing oysters? A bunch of oyster hungry thieves? A desperate couple whose dinner party menu got ruined? Aliens looking for fuel?

Well, maybe not that last one.

(via: Eater Photo: bal1227)

By Peter Pham

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