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The Ooze Is Real In This MASSIVE Grilled Cheese Sandwich [WATCH]

Grilled Cheese. It’s the ultimate quick comfort dish of warm, toasted bread and gooey, melted cheese. We’ve all craved these time and time again.

This mega-sized grilled cheese sandwich takes that craving to a whole new level.

Hellthy Junkfood, creators of massive DIY fast-food favorites like the Giant Chicken McNugget, has created another college food staple in gigantic form. They recently uploaded a video of this massive grilled cheese showing how they made it, which involved two HUGE loaves of fresh baked bread, lots of melted butter, and at least TWO huge packs of cheddar for the perfect level of gooey goodness for the perfect cheese pull.

Because you can’t have grilled cheese without some sort of tomato dip (soup or ketchup), the team also created a massive bowl of tomato soup to dunk the sandwich in. Talk about perfecting a childhood classic.

While we’ve heralded grilled cheese’s epicness before on Jeff’s Table, there’s no question that when it comes to size, this is truly the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich.

Time to go make a regular grilled cheese sandwich and pretend its just as big by holding it up to the screen. Bachelor life, y’all.

By Constantine Spyrou

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