The Monte Cristo Burger is Made with Custard-Soaked Fried Buns and Maple Syrup

Umami Burger Monte Cristo

This Monte Cristo Burger was created by Top-Chef winner Michael Voltaggio for the Umami Burger chain. I’m gonna let you have a second to take in all that goodness above before I go on.

Made with Umami’s signature beef patty, the Monte Cristo is smothered in gruyère fondue and prosciutto. It’s then sandwiched between two custard-soaked fried buns and sprinkled with powdered sugar. For good measure, each burger comes served with a side of Umami’s special maple syrup.

The Monte Cristo burger will be available to order across the nation Tuesday, Jan. 28. A dollar from each burger sale will go towards the Los Angeles Mission.

H/T + Picthx First We Feast

By Peter Pham

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