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The McPoutine and 24 Other Foreign McDonald’s Menu Items We Need Stateside, STAT

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People tend to get mad when any U.S.-based food news source covers menu items from other countries, but here’s the thing: it’s not that we’re trying to be irrelevant to you. It’s just that everywhere else has better stuff.

Take McDonald’s for instance. For most healthy, red-blooded Americans, the most we can look forward to is the McRib in fall and the Shamrock Shake in spring. But in Canada, they have the McLobster and McPoutine. In Asia, they have the Cheese Katsu burger and in England they have the McBacon Roll. McBacon! Seriously how have we need adopted this thing yet?

The following infographic designed by outlines some of the best McDonald’s menu items from abroad, though it’s far from comprehensive.

Not listed here, as Gizmodo readers were quick to point out, were Korea’s Bulgogi burger, Hong Kong’s Crayfish Bisque, France’s McBaguette and the Philippine’s Twister Fries, among other things.

Still, why we can’t have McSpaghettis or McHotdogs here, even as just a test item, is beyond me.

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By Dominique Zamora

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