Science Explains Why Sriracha Gives Us a Natural High [VIDEO]


We here at Foodbeast are pretty fond of Sriracha. We even went as far as make an explicit love video and tour their factory. As of now, our adoration of the hot sauce has been incomprehensible, but now it looks like there’s a scientific explanation behind this magical love.

Turns out that the red jalapeños (don’t be mad) used in Sriracha are the reason behind the obsession. The peppers contain capsaicin and dihydrocapsaicin, two chemical compounds that cause our tongues to think we’re touching something incredibly hot. When we eat something spicy, our brain sends signals to our tongues telling it that our mouth is in for a rough ride. That’s why we can’t have too much all at once. However, our brains also send some endorphins our way so we don’t have to suffer — giving us a natural high. Thus, we have a slight mood elevation when we eat peppers, or in this case, Sriracha.


By Peter Pham

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