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THE LAZY CHEF — Crispy, Spicy, Boozey Microwave Chips

Imagine: you’re approaching the end of that party you’ve been thinking about all week, and though  you’ve had a fun time, you’re still slightly bummed that the generous offering of limes and tequila weren’t completely taken advantage of!

Three or four of those plump green fruits are just sitting on your acquaintance’s sticky counter, left untouched — yet ripe for the touching! You’re not going to take this sitting down. No, you’ve invested too much. You’re going to discreetly pocket the remainders of your party donation and stow them away in your conveniently large pockets.

Fast forward to the day after the party: it’s early in the afternoon and you’re craving a 10-foot water bottle and a salty snack. This is where the limes and tequila come in. Grab a nearby potato (potatoes are a staple of any kitchen) and get ready for the snack of your (hungover) life.


You’ll need…

1 potato


lime juice

sea salt


Step 1: Slice a standard potato into chips that are practically paper-thin. Sharp knives and potato slicers both work for this, and slicing the chips this thin will help you focus and concentrate on the day ahead of you.

Step 2: Toss the potato chips into a plain bowl and submerge in tequila; let them soak for about 20 minutes.

Step 3: After 20 minutes, remove the chips from the bowl of liquor and arrange on a microwave-safe plate. Sprinkle sea salt over chips. Make sure each chip is adequately spaced from one another.

2_Chips on plate

Step 4: Microwave chips for around six minutes.

Step 5: After six minutes in the microwave, garnish with a dousing of lime juice and more salt if you dare. Allow them to cool before consuming.



Maybe you didn’t bring tequila and limes to the party. Maybe you brought Jack, or dare we say — Ciroc? Why not pair the booze with one of the many neglected spices in your spice cabinet? For example: dill, paprika, and/or ginger in spicy substitution of the tangy lime. Whatever you choose, your palette will be cleansed.


By Molly Shannon

Molly is the original krill queen and co-founder of the Boba Belt. She fancies a mean ramen burger, and a cold glass of nonfat milk.

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