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In-N-Out Popped Up In London And Hundreds Of People Came


It’s like that movie Field of Dreams. If you build it, they will come.

In-N-Out had a pop-up yesterday in London and hundreds of people showed up to get their hands on the iconic California burgers, according to Business Insider.

While In-N-Out’s manager of special foreign events didn’t say how many burgers were sold, customers had already started to line up at 8am to get their In-N-Out fix. The one-day pop began at 11am and lasted until 3pm.

Because of the massive line of people, wristbands were handed out as the event started so patrons could claim their burgers. Unsurprisingly, they sold out quickly, leaving some customers burger-less and wanting.

If the chain was trying to scope out a location to open an international spot, this might be a great place to sell burgers. Last year, In-N-Out also held a pop-up in Austrailia, which also yielded similar burger-loving results.

The devastation of waiting in line for hours to not get a Double Double really makes me appreciate living two blocks from an In-N-Out. Wanna take a guess what I’m grabbing for dinner?

By Peter Pham

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